Talking about Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival Love 2021-06-11

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Xiamen Youju’s “Zong” love and “Zong” photovoltaics give all the friends a sense of belonging as if at home, and feel warm in the company! We also wish to bless the college entrance examination candidates for high "Zong" and the title of the gold list!

As an office worker, the important factor that can make the festival atmosphere thicker is the festival welfare. It is the most common way for companies to distribute zongzi to employees during the Dragon Boat Festival.
Not only that, our friend giant has to show off. In order to add a romantic life to this hot Dragon Boat Festival, XIAMEN HUGE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD carefully selected two bottles of Italian dry red wine for all the family members. The summer is hot, and Friends Giant’s Dragon Boat Festival But with a long warmth.

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